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The Future Enterprise

Course overview

The course will provide participants with the strategies and skills to predict and respond to future business scenarios across a variety of real-world business contexts. The course is designed and delivered to prepare for a turbulent, yet increasingly opportunity rich world, and to differentiate necessity from distracting noise. The course will integrate a range of real-world enterprise partners.

The course is framed around concepts of predictable and unpredictable futures, identifying trends, scenario planning and opportunity framing, evaluating desirability, viability and feasibility, disruption, and entrepreneurship.

The course will be delivered in partnership with QUT Centre for Future Enterprise (CFE), including facilitation of seminars and workshops by CFE Leadership team and members.

Academic year


Duration and dates

2 weeks from June 26 to July 9, 2022

Teaching format

face-to-face on-campus


Andrew Paltridge and Ingrid Larkin


To be updated in January 2022

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course a student should be able to:

To be updated in January 2022

Course content

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Course value


Required background

Students are required to have completed one semester of coursework at master level in one of the participating business schools.


To be updated in January 2022


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Extra cost

To be updated in January 2022

Miscellaneous information

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